Posted 22nd November 2016  •  Company News, Charity, Blog

Debbie Hunt

Our forward thinking Directors at Easton Bevins were happy to embrace some new initiatives recently to assist and improve staff workplace wellbeing.

Bristols Healthy City week inspired a week long programme of new ideas to inspire staff and consider different elements of wellbeing and how this can effect staff productivity, health, mood, motivation, absence and lots more.

We opened the week with holistic treatments in the office, allowing 12 staff the opportunity to have an indian head massage or acupressure back massage. Just taking 20 minutes out of the normal working day, break away, relax and revitalise.

Staff feedback was extremely positive and there was a happy mood in the air all day long, a great start to the working week:

It was lovely, a nice break in the day and something I've never heard another company do before!

It was very relaxing!
I found it to be very soothing, relaxing and stress relieving.
Invigorating, refreshing start to Monday morning – definitely recommended.
The massage was fantastic, Charlotte was excellent. It formed a nice start to the week and a nice opportunity to get the Gloucester Road office to catch up with colleagues.

It was great to do our little bit towards Bristol Healthy Week by getting involved with #BigWellbeingWeek for employers. There was so much to do and get involved with in Bristol. With events spanning 7 days, free workshops to presentations and fitness, we felt part of something very special, a great way for us to kick start a new initiative that we can then keep going all year.

We continued our workplace wellbeing with a wonderful insight into our own minds on Wednesday with a presentation entitled ‘nurturing a healthy and resilient mind’. Rhian Sherrington from Choose2Flourish came along for breakfast and took the staff on a journey around their minds. With all staff benefiting from this presentation in our own ways, each of us knowing how we felt about the different aspects that were covered in this hour long interactive workshop.

On Thursday we had a healthy office picnic and welcomed Avon Wildlife Trust to our office to hear about one of their successful projects, ‘my wild city’, this was not only insightful but has made us think how to undertake our team meetings, thinking outside the box? How could we engage more in nature? This has made us think about team building outside and take a more creative look at our networking.

We finished the week with a focus on charity. Bristol based charity FrankWater gave us a visual tour of their work and we considered what options there are available to us to help others.