CPD or Lunch and Learn?

Posted 5th December 2016  •  Company News, Blog

Debbie Hunt
CPD or Lunch and Learn?

At Easton Bevins we support our staff with regular monthly opportunities for continuing professional development.

Recently we welcomed Moy Materials to our office to present their RIBA accredited CPD looking at flat roof applications to achieve zero leaks.

We were introduced to various waterproofing components and membranes, green roof systems, insulation and liquid coatings.

What is involved with projects and what to expect from service to condition reports and design liability. The importance of specification and detailing and ensuring that all materials will work together effectively.

Health and safety to consider, management and case studies from high performance materials to quick to install and ecological to reinforced liquid waterproofing with complicated detailing.

We were also introduced to the different types of leak detection from flood testing, thermography to electrical resistivity and moisture meters.

Finally we were walked through the post completion phase of a project, roof register, warranty and future maintenance guidance.

An excellent way to spend our lunchtime.