Charity focus for Easton Bevins staff this Christmas

Posted 5th December 2016  •  Company News, Charity

Debbie Hunt
Charity focus for Easton Bevins staff this Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration at Easton Bevins and provides the perfect opportunity to reward the wonderful staff and colleagues we have here.

It is also a time for reflection and to give to others, so firstly we will be digging out our festive favourites in support of Christmas Jumper Day 2016, raising funds for the Charity Save the Children.

We have also sought out local opportunities and will be supporting a homeless collection in Bristol and Bath, providing rucksacks with gifts and essentials at this time of year and also thinking of the local cats and dogs at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, who are in much need of essentials for their work with caring and rehoming animals.

Update - 3 filled rucksacks and 3 filled shoeboxes of extra items delivered Thursday 1st December

Update - 2 boxes filled with food, toys and other items on their way to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary 5th December