Residential Surveys

Do I need a survey?

In short; yes. Whether you are buying a home or an investment property, you are making a huge purchase, and committing your money to a physical asset. It is therefore vitally important to understand whether the property has issues which may affect your (or future purchaser's) interest in the property.

What type of survey do I need?

This will largely depend on the type, age and condition of the property. Your own personal requirements will obviously influence your decision. Broadly speaking there are a variety of surveys, detailed below:

  • Valuation Survey: This type of survey is typically undertaken on behalf of a mortgage lender, to inform them whether the property is suitable to lend on. It provides very little advice in the way of issues or considerations. We do not offer valuation surveys.
  • Homebuyers Survey: This is a ‘proforma’ report, which operates on a traffic light system. It typically includes standard phrases, and will usually advise further investigations/reports if issues are found. These reports are generally only suitable for properties built within the last 30 years or properties in good condition.
  • Major Defects Survey: A report entirely tailored to the subject property; providing insight into defects, remedies, maintenance issues, timescales and an estimate of budget for repairs. The report is a skimmed down Building Survey, commenting on the main structural elements of a property, but omitting comments on cosmetic items (such as age and condition of sanitary and kitchen fittings). As this is a bespoke survey, we can also provide advice regarding extensions or alterations (i.e. removal of walls) etc. as an add-on. This type of report is suitable for all ages of property.
  • Building Survey: The same as the Major Defect Survey, but providing more description and analysis of construction, as well as comment on cosmetic internal items. Again, this type of report is suitable for all ages of property.

How much does a survey cost?

This will depend on a number of factors and we quote each property on its own merits after viewing it online. We generally do not consider the sale price; rather the complexity of the building and the estimated time needed to thoroughly inspect the property, consider the defects and issue a report.

Feel free to call or email us (providing the subject property address) for a quote. 

Although we cannot guarantee a reduction in sale price, most of our clients will use the findings of our report in negotiations with the vendor. You may find a reduction in overall price of the property above the cost of a survey. Even if the vendors are unwilling to adjust their price you are able to make a more informed decision as a result.

How do I book a survey?

Firstly, give us a call to discuss your concerns and requirements. We will look at the property online and provide you with a quote. If you are happy, we will take a few details from you and make the necessary arrangements for access.

How does the survey process work?

You instruct us. We will contact the estate agents to arrange access and update you when the inspection is confirmed. Following the inspection, if required, we can give you an overview on the telephone. Your report will be issued within 5-7 working days following the inspection and sent by email. A posted copy is available on request. We understand you may have queries after receiving your report, you are of course welcome to call us and discuss the findings of the report.

Why choose Easton Bevins for a survey?

Our reports are entirely tailored to your requirements and the property that we inspect. Where we find issues we provide practical advice in plain English. Furthermore, we are happy to discuss the findings with you if required.  

Upon appointment, you can rest assured of our upmost attention to your instruction and requirements.